Latest Game: Custom Battle Plan

So to start out the battle plan was a custom one by the guy running our path to glory campaign; it was a really fun and interesting one where there was a attacker and a defender. The plan has it set up like battle for the pass but the area to deploy is smaller or larger depending on what your objective is.

The Attacker: has 12″ to deploy and the goal is to get across the long ways of the board and get a hero through the realm gate

The Defender:has all but the last 24″ to set up and defend a realm gate and their goal was to slay the opponent’s general for a major victory if that could be done at least prevent a hero from going through the gate to have a draw.

I was the Attacker with my DoK temple KHAILEBRON. The Defender was playing Legions of Nagash and was the Legion of Blood. he had the command trait that gave a -1 to hit to enemies in combat as well as the gryphfeather charm for a total of -2 to hit in combat and -1 in shooting.

We played in Aqshy and I used Inferno Blades a good bit.

Set up: I had my whole army sitting on the line, my hag queen flanked by 30 witch aelves, a Cauldron of blood with hag queen and 10 doomfires sitting in front of them with 10 witch aelves with bucklers. My other Cauldron we behind the doomfires, blood wrack shrine was on the other side of the deployment area (there was a bit of terrain splitting my set up area) along with my sisters of slaughter.

Legions set up 120 skeletons around the gate along with 2 necromancers, a wight King, and some black guard, then placed his vampire lord on zombie dragon well away from all of them right at the edge of his deployment.

Legions get the first turn and fails to cast the spell that would increase his movement. He hoped to use that movement get behind my lines and shoot my general, with that option out he flew 3″ outside of my doorfires and unbuffed witch aelves. Here is where he had a hard choice to make: attack the witch aelves while they’re not buffed or the doomfires, he attacked the witch aelves which weren’t as big of a threat as my doomfires with the penalty they had to hit. He kills about 15 of them and I lose another 5 to battle shock. End of his first turn.

My turn I buff up my Cauldron w/ hag queen with mind razor, inferno blades, witches brew, activate the avatar, and gave Catechism of Murder making it very scary. I then cast doomfire on the dragon dealing 6 moral wounds and them failing all of the deathless minion saves. My Cauldrons shoots in and deals some damage, then my buffed one charges in and slaughters it.

Turn two I win the roll and teleport my hag queen Cauldron across the table to try and thin out the skeletons failed my charge into the Knights by my army is slowly moving across the field to back it up. The knights go after my shrine and die to my sisters of slaughter the skeletons just move up.

Turn 3 My other Cauldron was teleported behind the first one but couldn’t make the charge my Cauldron gets buffed again and moves into the necromancer and skeletons dealing a good amount of damage killing the necromancer but taking over 150 attacks, between each battle round and after all that it stands with 1 wound left.

Turn 4 I got the roll again, my shrine does it’s shooting attack and kills 15 skeletons, my Cauldron is buffed again and killed the rest of the squad and I was able to get a hero through the gate winning.

Over all it was a fun game and really close, I don’t typically enjoy playing legions but I have been playing them more lately and have found a way to deal with their constant skeletons which made it more enjoyable; less than a year ago I would’ve have crumbled against an army like this but through practice I have gotten the hang of the game.

Thank you for taking time to read my first actual post I hope it was some what enjoyable!


Hello, Welcome, and Thank You!

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